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Mira's Barbie Cabinet
Jeweled Essence Collection

Diamond Dazzle

Ruby Radiance!

Emerald Elegance

Sapphire Splendor


Ballet Series

Sugar Plum Fairy

Barbie in Swan Lake

Barbie as Marzupan

Barbie as Snowflake
Hollywood Legends: My Fair Lady Collection

Barbie Sends her Happy Hellos

Elisa at the Ascot Races

Elisa in Pink Chiffon

Elisa Embassy Ball

Elisa as a Poor Flowergirl
Pop Culture & Fantasy Barbies

X-Files Fox and Scully

Scooby Doo & Barbie

Ferrari Style Barbie

Toy Story 2 Barbie Toy

Merlin & Morgan LaFey

Coca Cola Waitress

Coca Cola After the Walk

Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World

Disneyland Fun Barbie