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"Dude, Where's My Cape"

Brett Ratner is reportedly bringing Superman back to cinema. He has had talks with the likes of Jude Law, Josh Hartnett, Brendan Fraser, and ....Ashton Kutcher? Can anyone hear a voice in their head saying, "Uh Lois, I think you like really hot!" If all these would-be supermen don't pan out, he could pull a Lucas and pick a virtual unknown to play the eventually historic reprisal of the Superman role. Word is that Ratner wants a trilogy so whoever signs on is signing on for a three film commitment which is something, it is rumored, to cause serious concerns with the up and coming stars. The stars are worried about such a long term commitment and possible typecasting stigma resulting from starring in the film.. Could it be they also worry about the so-called Superman curse whereupon those who have played Superman have had be reduced to horrible fates. Christopher Reeves' horse accident, George Reeve's mysterious suicide, and Dean Cain is now the host of Ripley's Believe it or Not. In my opinion, Josh Hartnett looks too young as well as Ashton Kutcher. Jude Law is a possible fit but he really is kind of thin. Brendan Fraser would be an ideal pick as he fits the mold of the handsome, well-built, hero with that All-American look to him.

Warners reportedly wants to move quickly and shoot Superman at London's Pinewood Studios as well as in Canada. The rumor mill also points out Brendan Fraser to be the leader of the pack of possible supermen. According to IGN, "Super man will be part of a multi-picture deal Brendan Fraser signed with Warners this year. This will also include Looney Tunes: Back in Action for the studio and two films of Fraser's choosing as well as the inevitable Superman sequels." Of course this could change faster then a speeding bullet.

Meanwhile the buzz around Metropolis is that Superman 5 may be headed for the world of actual development. Harry Potter's David Heyman and The Matrix's Barrie M. Osbourne have been reportedly given control of the project. Peters, the former head, was insistant on the Superman Lives plotline which I guess didn't wash with the Warner studio execs.
New Super Symbol Getting Rave Reviews
Associated Press

The new super symbol that Superman is to wear in the Superman remake will help revamp his old look.  Burton was responsible for bringing Frank Miller's version of the Dark Knight closer to reality and reports are that Superman is due for quite a revamping. Sources close to Burton say the new symbol is way cool but die-hard fans of super-tradition won't go down silently. "What a travesty" Nordbert, a comic collector from Ohio, "I don't know why Hollywood sees fit to taint the image of the great caped one."

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Above: A picture of the old Superman insignia.  A new "ultra-cool" symbol is set to be used in the movie.

Is Fraser the Man of Steel?