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Super Transformation
Barbie's Successor
Cool destinations for cybercitizens
Page 3Z Cool Links

Mild mannered computer programmer transformed into SuperGeek
Page 1C Comic World

Barbie queen unveils collection of prized barbies to public
Page 2BB Barbie Cabinet

50 Cents
Early Edition
Crazy Couple of Collectors Create Collecting Chasm
By Chris Collector
NEVERLAND -- Chris and Mira, two avid collectors, created a website to showcase their love of their collec-tions. You are reading the homepage of the site right now. They have been collecting for a number of years. Their collection includes Disney memorabilia, Barbies, and Comic books. This site was orig-inally created in the mid-nineties when Chris was a fledgling computer student and was never updated due to tremendous time constraints. Most likely the updat-ing will not be as often
as he likes but he will try to appease those wanting to see more. Mira and Chris besides collecting enjoy traveling, dining, and following the latest celebrity news. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you find some enjoyment from our menu of selections. Bon Eye-Petite!